Staffing for User Experience and digital creatives since 2004


Laura is one of the best creative recruiters I have worked with in the industry! She has been the key facilitator in a long-term freelance contract I have had with a top nationwide company. This contract has been a wonderful experience working with the client and their team members for over the past two and half years. Laura takes care of all the details so you as a creative can focus on what is most important – producing great work for the client! She is a joy to work with and always has the creatives best interests in the forefront.

Lisa Kay Misitrano

I’ve been working with Laura as a recruiter since 2005 when she found me a full-time job with Fry Multimedia. Since then, she’s found me numerous freelance jobs in the User Experience field as well. Laura is THE BEST recruiter I have ever worked with, without exception. She’s smart, she knows the business, she’s easy to talk to, she actually cares about the people she works with, and goes above and beyond to find the appropriate fit. She won’t try to railroad you into a job that isn’t in your best interest, unlike just about any other recruiter I’ve ever worked with. She has great connections in the Internet industry, she’ll work hard on your behalf, and you’ll end up wanting her for a friend as well. She’s also great for career advice.

I sincerely can’t say enough good things about Laura. I’d jump at the chance to work with her again at any time, and I appreciate all that she’s done for me in the past. I go out of my way to give her UX leads whenever possible to help repay her for how great she’s been. She’s the best UX recruiter I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.

Karen Kranack

Over the past ten years Laura has helped me build several successful UX teams in LA, Chicago and New York. When it comes to UX she is the first recruiter I call on to help find the right people.

Roles are changing fast and there’s often a need for specific skills and experience—I have found that Laura has a unique way of breaking down what’s needed and is very innovative when it comes to presenting the role to potential candidates.

She has never let me down. There are often times when I need someone quickly—I can count on her to find great people in a quick time frame.

She was one of the first recruiters in the country to specialize in UX and is very familiar with trends, and the subtle differences in what’s typically required for mobile, e-commerce, etc.

I’ve also worked with Laura to find my next role. She knows me well and I feel like she is absolutely representing my best interests. Often times the job description or the hiring manager needs to be educated on the finer details of a role—Laura sets the path perfectly before I interview, answering any questions. She has also been very helpful when it comes to salary negotiations and broader career advice.

She is a fantastic recruiter and it’s been a pleasure to work with her.

Ian Campbell

Laura is an extremely proficient and kind leader, former boss, and advanced-level recruiter, who I am fortunate to have been trained by as a Jr recruiter and who continues to be a most supportive mentor to this day. Laura has demonstrated time and time again her hard-working commitment to ethical standards in the workplace, and her dedication to successfully getting the job done. Any client, candidate or associate who works with her would be assured of a positive experience!

Heidi Rudolph

Laura is one of the best recruiters I’ve ever worked with! Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about the UX field, but she really tries to market you and find the best engagement (and price) for your skills. Plus she is incredibly friendly and really fights for you.

She has contacts with all types of employers in the UX field — digital design agencies, software companies and client-side corporations — across many verticals like Pharma, CPG, and Media. Very high quality, nice-to-work-for clients.

I really can’t recommend her more highly. She is a seasoned professional, unlike a lot of recruiters in this field, and really knows what she’s doing. A pleasure to work with

Laura Hunter is the best of the best. I’ve worked with her over a decade and am repeatedly grateful and awed by her personable approach, excellence in picking top shelf candidates, and plum fun she brings to the recruiting experience. She both asks the right questions and follows her intuition. The result of which is a home run every, every time!


I was fortunate to be introduced to Laura Hunter last year. Laura was able to bring a wonderful opportunity to my attention. She’s a great recruiter with an enormous amount of knowledge, professionalism, and understanding. She’s a pleasure to work with and I hope to work with her again.

There are very few recruiters like Laura. Laura is an utmost professional, incredibly organized, and most importantly, extremely knowledgeable about UXP and IA. To find a recruiter like Laura, with not only depth and breadth of knowledge about the internet and online experience, but also the passion to help those creating next generation experiences find the best candidate, is simply invaluable. I will definitely work with Laura again and I would recommend anyone looking for UXP professionals contact Laura first.

Laura is an excellent resource for any UX Director seeking a recruiter to help locate qualified information architects, experience planners, and user research professionals. She truly understands the interactive and e-commerce space and is a pleasure with which to work.

If you are looking to build a user experience team you must contact Laura. She is incredibly knowledgeable in the space and she truly takes the time to get to know your company culture and your unique needs to help you find the right candidates to build a successful team. I have had the pleasure of working with Laura for many years and I look forward to many more.

Amy Hedrick

Laura was absolutely the best recruiter I worked with while looking for opportunities in the NYC area. She has a good sense for pairing the right company and the right talent. I respect her professionalism and diplomacy, but more so, she is a pleasure to work with.

Kathleen Egge

Laura has a very astute eye for people’s capabilities and their character. She has introduced me to people who not only became outstanding members of my team, but who also enriched my life as a whole and are friends to this day. Laura truly understands how teams work, what digital talents agencies and companies need, and what constitutes a great “fit”. She sees well beyond lists of skills and bullet points on resumes to what really drives people and makes them tick. As a person of diverse passions and talents herself, Laura has the rare ability to see a person as a whole and understand how varied and seemingly unrelated experiences and interests can be brought to bear on a specific job. I have worked with many recruiters since Laura, but none have matched her unbiased zeal for finding the right person for the job, or her long-term success rate.

Katherine Lumb

While Laura upholds the highest of standards and ethics in her profession, she also embodies certain rare qualities not found on a regular basis. Grace, creativity, compassion, intuition and a keen intellect are just a few of those aspects that make Laura the consummate professional.

Cece Kellie

I have had the pleasure of working with Laura on a design position a couple of times now and both times she has been very easy to work with and an excellent communicator.

Recently she found me a contract role that has gone full time!

Easy to talk to, bounce ideas off and gives an honest appraisal of the position and is interested in your fit for that role over just making another placement.

I would work with her anytime I am looking for a new role!

Peter Ford Sr. Lead UX Designer At PHENOMENON