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We started Vivid Voices as a way to connect more with the people we serve. Our goal is to inspire big conversations across modalities of design and to support the UX community, with featured thought leaders like our guests featured here.

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Webinar with Dan Klyn – Prototypes, Permission + Possession

Vivid Voices presents the first in its new webinar series from Vivid Resources, featuring Dan Klyn and presented by Laura Hunter.
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Webinar with Dan Klyn & Richard Saul Wurman – You Can’t Get There From Here

Today's ubiquitous modalities of "web browser" and "iPhone" pale in comparison to the information experiences TEDsters marveled at 30 years ago. As far as Richard Saul Wurman is concerned, the next modality for interacting with and understanding information is one that we can't get to from here. So: how do we get there? In this webinar discussion with Mr. Wurman, Dan Klyn of The Understanding Group (TUG) and the panel will ask Mr. Wurman those questions.
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