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A Thank You Note To Resilience

To say that 2020 has been difficult, challenging and downright gob smacking, would be an understatement.  We are experiencing a tipping point in our country and world like never before.  And with that, we’re impaled by the physical, financial, emotional, environmental, and political chaos that accompanies change.  For better—for worse? —we’ll find out.

As an eternal optimist, I’m betting on better.  And that’s where I do my best to put my focus.

Mind you, it’s easy fall into the doom and gloom that comes with the constant barrage of bad news and ugly behavior.  I mean, wouldn’t it be easier to just close up shop and go away?  Cash in to get every little cent, run away to an island somewhere and- you know, live off the land and such?

Yeah, nah.  Easier but not better.  Really, we are all needed and necessary.  We are all a part of this massive shift that’s in progress.

And hanging in there is the new black.

You know what I’m talking about.


That combination of strength, courage, realism, hope and the belief in the better angels of our nature.  That willingness to stand in our truth and, even if we falter and stumble, to get back up again and keep going.  To keep striving for what we believe in – even if it’s hard, and we’re tired and we need a break now and then.  Even if we’re discouraged and things simply aren’t going our way.  And even if the odds seemed stacked against us.

Yes, resilience.  That little voice in our head that says this is what makes life worth living.  Things that matter are worth showing up for.  WE are worth showing up for.  That’s how we show ourselves, our life, our passions and our truths…love.

So, thank you resilience.  Thank you for being the catalyst that connects me to my truths and humanity.  For being the guidepost toward the better angels of my own nature.  And for empowering me to keep going when I might otherwise fade into the background and disappear myself.

Thank you, resilience, for reminding me that my voice matters, that I have a right to be here, to strive for my goals and to be human in my mis-steps and STILL have a right to be here- and to feel my vulnerable and frightened feelings. To keep going even in the midst of sometimes unimaginable uncertainty.

Thank you, resilience, for allowing me to feel some level of comfort in ambiguity and groundlessness.  For being the unseen rock, I can stand on when everything else is moving.

With everything else is in motion and in chaos, being grounded in my own willingness to not give up when it’s important and meaningful to me, make me feel solid and integrated.  And that’s resilience right there contributing to me feeling whole.

So, thank you, resilience, for showing me what my human spirit is capable of.

Thank you so very much!